has now been live for five months. For previous info you can jump to the previous updates at four three, two, and one months.

July 2020 Stats

First, the stats:

Total Installations: 9
Scheduled PRs Merged: 21
PRs Merged: 46 (inc. scheduled)
Repositories Watched: 1515

What's Changed

Paid plans! The EarlyBird plan has been retired (any existing EarlyBird installations will continue, however). This also required removing GitArborist from the GitHub marketplace, as their TOS requires that you must list paid plans on the marketplace if they are also listed elsewhere. The catch is that you cannot list paid plans on the marketplace until you are verified, which requires 100 installations.

Branch protection(s) are now handled correctly as well, this should fix up errors that occurred when a particular branch is restricted to require linear-only history (e.g. no merge commits) or requires a particular status to be present (e.g. CI, compilation services, etc).

The thumbs-up reaction was also moved to a background job, and a low-hanging-fruit way to speed up request times a bit.

The Road to Ramen-Profitable 🍜

Launching paid plans has been my top priority this month. Currently, there are three plans listed:

  • Free for non-commercial Open-Source (public repositories only)
  • $7/write-access-collaborator/month for Pro (unlimited private repositories)
  • $9/write-access-collaborator/month for Agency (same as Pro, priority support)

All plans have a ~20% discount when paid annually.

Long-term I would like to investigate the Agency plan being able to watch repositories where GitArborist has not been installed. The main priority now, however, is to get the app to start paying for itself, which means marketing and promotion.

August Roadmap 🧭

Main things I'd like to get done over the next month:

  • Add some more articles about usage (one is done for scheduled posts, another is in-the-works for stacked pull requests).
  • Revamp the main page (got a mix of Tailwind CSS + a Bootstrap template now, need to clean it up)
  • Investigate paid customer acquisition