has now been live for four months. For previous info you can jump to the previous updates at three, two, and one months.

June 2020 Stats

First, the stats:

Total Installations: 9
Scheduled PRs Merged: 16
PRs Merged: 36 (inc. scheduled)
Repositories Watched: 1410

What's Changed

GitArborist now collects user email during installation (with the required OAuth permission). This should make it easier to contact users with any announcements going forward, and also paves the way for paid plans.


I still get occasional slow response alerts, though nothing serious. I have some thoughts about how this could be improved but it is not the top priority at the moment. Also once paid plans are launched it may open up options of upgrading the dynos and/or database on Heroku. Fortunately, 99% of what the server does is responding to events from Github, so it does not really matter whether it takes 1 second or 10 seconds to respond (as opposed to a user-facing UI).

The Road to Ramen-Profitable 🍜

Launching paid plans has been my top priority this month. Unfortunately due to some family matters I have not been able to dedicate as much time as I'd hoped to finish it off. Still planning to launch them in early July. The current plan is to offer a free plan for non-commercial open-source (e.g. public repositories) and per-collaborator pricing for private repositories.

July Roadmap 🧭

Main things I'd like to get done over the next month:

  • Launch paid plans
  • Fix the bot trying to “merge commit” PRs when the repository has a “clean history only” setting. A simple workaround is to disable merge commits as an option in the repository.
  • Add a feature: Automatically change PR base if it was a dependency PR that just got merged. I.e. PR A -> PR B -> master where A depends on B, if B is merged to master, A should have its base set to master.