has now been live for five months. For previous info you can jump to the previous updates at five, four, three, two, and one months.

August 2020 Stats

First, the stats:

Total Installations: 10
Scheduled PRs Merged: 25
PRs Merged: 60 (inc. scheduled)
Repositories Watched: 1587

What's Changed

Not many changes this month due to various personal circumstances. I've tried to add a few articles as a simple “content marketing” strategy. Traffic and signups are also down this month, most likely because the app is no longer listed on Github marketplace (due to having paid plans now)

The Road to Ramen-Profitable 🍜

I've been pondering the app's pricing lately. Two things that are standing out to me are:

  1. This app solves problems I've encountered at my last two companies (PRs spread across repositories), but in both cases no one looked for a solution to that problem, indicating they are unlikely to pay for one.
  2. The problem the app solves is not one that occurs every day to every person, and as such the current per-seat pricing is likely too high and off-putting. I will probably change to fixed pricing instead.

September Roadmap 🧭

To be honest I'm not focusing a lot on GitArborist right now. I have sunk enough time into it to make it work, but there is a large ‘opportunity cost’ here. Combined with my observations above, I'm now at the point where the app is going to have to justify the time I spend on it going forward.