Hi there 👋

I’m Jonathan Miles. I live in beautiful Hamilton, New Zealand with my wife, son, and a growing number of 3d-printed plastic objects. I grew up tinkering with computers and learning how to get them to do what I want (more or less).

Since then my career has ranged from working as a lone-wolf coder, a large 80+ year old corporation with a hundred people in R&D, and 30-ish person consultancies. I cut my teeth doing C++, both on Windows and embedded on microcontrollers, later pure C on SOC’s running Linux.

After that, I transitioned to web development, largely because of the much larger remote work opportunities. I’ve rescued a languishing PHP project and played with Golang on the side, but my work these days is mostly with Ruby on Rails.

Along the way, I picked up an interest in the management side of software development, as I came to learn that competency at your craft is one requirement for a successful project but competency is not the only requirement for success. An organisation has to learn how to manage a project, not just in terms of technical architecture but even more so in terms of team management.